Interested in using MDID3 at your institution or in your department? We offer affordable hosting of MDID3 installations and integration services with your current infrastructure.

In addition to a variety of content available from our partnering content vendors, you can of course upload your own institution’s content and seamlessly search and use everything together.

Included Services

  • All hosted installations will be maintained and regularly upgraded, so you are always running the latest available version of MDID.  Individual upgrades are coordinated with you to make sure they fit in your schedule.
  • All your data will be backed up securely and be available for restoration in case of accidental data loss.

Fees and Plans

Fees are based on the amount of your own content you want to store and the number of users who will regularly use your hosted MDID installation (for example, the total number of users in the visual arts departments at your institution).

The Basic Plan is available in connection with purchase or licensing of one of the vrcHost partner vendor collections.

  • Access to collections offered through vrcHost partner vendors
  • 25 GB of storage space to supplement those collections with your own images
  • Customizable user interface logo and master colors
  • One user account to manage your own content
  • Up to 15 faculty accounts with individual logins to create and manage presentations
  • Optional read-only access to all users within a given IP address range
  • Access to user and image access logs
  • Google Analytics integration (setup fee applies)

Because not every user will have their own account, not all MDID features will be available to you in the Basic Plan, such as slideshow building, personal images, etc.

The Extended Plan includes all features of the basic plan and:

  • Much more storage space for your own content
  • Manually configured individual user accounts for everybody at your institution for full access to all MDID functionality
  • Optional integration with your institution’s user authentication system (fees apply)
  • Optional customization of the user interface and features to your specifications (fees apply)
  • Flickr image search integration (setup fee applies)
  • Optional data migration from existing MDID2 installation (fees apply)

Please contact us for more information and a customized quote.

Monthly Fees

Basic Plan Extended Plan
Access to vendor collections
plus up to 25 GB storage
for your institutional content
Access to vendor collections plus storage of your own content
up to 300 GB up to 750 GB up to 1.5 TB more than 1.5 TB
starting at (only with partner collections) $239 $299 $399 custom pricing

Contact us for a custom quote

Fees are subject to change.