Scholars Resource Set now available as MDID shared collection

Scholars Resource is now making a first image set (Between two World Wars and the Rise of Naziism) available to institutions using MDID through an MDID shared collection. You can preview the set in MDID or on the Scholars Resource site.

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Between two World Wars and the Rise of Naziism

This set highlights the dramatic political, cultural and social changes that changed Europe and Russia between the world wars. While the Russian Revolution of 1917 ushered in a Communist revolutionary wave over many countries, economic woes in Germany after World War I made way for the Weimar Republic, with Berlin becoming a thriving center of new art movements. Artists used satire to attack the evils of war and its devastating consequences, while urbanization prompted new housing construction methods and types. The Bauhaus school revolutionized architecture and the arts and intellectual pursuits flourished. With rising economic tensions and continuing resentment about conditions forced upon Germany at Versailles, the Nazi party continued to gain ground until Adolf Hitler’s delusions finally sunk all of Europe and Russia into darkness at the end of World War II. As we approach the centennial anniversary of the start of World War I, we look back at some of the ingenious inventions and devastating consequences of the two world wars in Germany. (April 2014)