vrcHost now Agent for Archivision Library

vrcHost is now the agent for the Archivision Library, offering professional photography and metadata in various formats, sets and modules.

SINGLE IMAGES — The entire Archivision Library of over 124,000 images is now available for single image download for educational use, including by students and visiting lecturers.

CURATED SETS — Preview and download curated sets of 200 images, carefully chosen from all images in the Archivision Library based on themes chosen by Archivision or customized to your requirements. New sets will become available periodically starting in January 2021.

NEW CONTENT SETS — Scott Gilchrist, the photographer for the Archivision Library, will add a selection of completely new images from prior and ongoing photo shoots, based on a theme. These sets will contain at least 500 images each and be made available every other month, six times per year, starting in February 2021.

ANNUAL MODULE —Continuing the tradition of annual modules, the New Content Sets produced in any calendar year will be combined in an annual module of at least 3,000 images at a significantly discounted price. As in the past, images in these modules will be available in full resolution JPEG or TIFF format, combining content from various disciplines and locations around the globe, and will be eligible for free or discounted MDID hosting by vrcHost.

Explore all the available content and purchase single images in our online demo at http://demo.vrchost.com